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A new kind of energy that replenishes as you use.


Experts, after extensive researches, have determined that our fossil fuels will not last for more than 40 years from now..

We are soon going to face an energy crisis. Also, burning of fossil fuels all these years has made our planet worse with many enormous mega damages. So it is clear that we need an alternative energy source - the one that will not harm our mother earth more.


So ASL solar winds has developed a new way to get sustained energy that will last forever. We use a powerful force of nature to produce energy. We use the one and only sun to produce this endless power. Because we use the sun, our source of energy will last for a few billions of years.


ASL solar winds brings to you a new great source of renewable energy.. ASL solar winds can help you generate any amount of electricity you need with the sunlight you get for free. Our break through technology is here to help you. There are many salient features of ASL solar winds that can benefit you.

  • ASL solar winds uses solar power to generate electricity, which is completely cost free except for the initial start up cost. You just pay the money for the initial set up and then you can get free electricity for your life time!
  • The ASL solar wind farms are very clean and green - you will not pollute the earth and its environment with hazardous releases.
  • ASL solar wind energy is very safe - there are no dangerous greenhouse gases or global warming problems. Global warming is a very serious issue now. You can help stop global warming by installing ASL solar winds.
  • ASL solar winds can help each and every building become energy self-sufficient. Whether you are in town or on a hill top somewhere far, you can make your own electricity.
  • ASL solar wind farms are very easy to set up and install - there are no annoying wires; no irritating sounds or hideous oil smells of generators.
  • ASL solar winds use the latest technology - You can use them in you home, office, vehicles and even in the outer space.
  • ASL solar winds opens the way to a stable and reliable energy - We all know that the sun rises and sets everyday; we have even calculated the perfect time of each sunrise and sunset. So ASL solar winds provides you with great energy reliability.


 ASL solar winds has been a very trusted company. There are many projects designed here for use in any type of land. Also, our plans are suitable for any size of land. Our engineers are a dedicated team of solar energy experts who can create many types of plans tailor made to suit your needs.

Our services are of a very high standard, with no hidden fees. We aim to create a better world for tomorrow. The world we leave behind for our generations should be a better world than now. Our ASL solar winds reduce poisonous gas emissions. Also, our ASL solar energy solutions are very cheaper than diesel generated electric power.

With ASL, welcome to a very better tomorrow.




A few words from our recent customers.

Timothy J. Lewis
Cold Fan Web Hosting

Hello! This is Timothy from the Cold Fan Hosting Services. I sure enjoyed the polite services of the ASL Solar winds. I am really amazed by their dedication and neatness. Their set up has been very useful for me and it was a good experience.

Marie E. Hartman
Little Shark Industry

Hello! I met some wonderful people at the ASL solar winds. Their services are of a very high quality. They just make this enormous task appear very simple. It was surely a great experience from the beginning to the end.

Laura G. Engram
Sunny Zebra Manufacturers

Hello! ASL solar winds is the perfect place for you to consult and get advice on all kinds of solar farms. Their thoughtful services is open for everyone. Good measures and standards are set here for quality. You can just tell them your idea, sit back and enjoy.