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Renewable Energy and the Future

Sustainable or renewable energy is energy generated from any of the Earths natural resources. For solar energy, the sun provides the natural resource which is then converted by the solar panels. The energy provided by wind turbines obviously uses the natural resource of the wind which is then turned into power. 

Other common natural resources include geothermal heat, tides and rain which can all be harvested and used to generate power.

Sustainable energy is becoming increasingly important as the World has evolved in such an unsustainable way. Everyday luxuries we take completely for granted are having a damaging, irreversible effect on the environment and quite simply, it can’t continue. You only have to think about all of the cars on the road and planes in the sky every single day to imagine the type of long term impact that’s having on the environment and that’s just two forms of transport.

If we start to move towards energy sources that offer no environmental cost to the Earth, then we’re leaving a much better situation for our future generations.

More and more people are already starting to show interest in the environment and changing their habits as they become more educated and environmentally conscious. Gone are the days when caring about the environment would see you pigeon holed as a tree hugger, it’s becoming a responsibility for all and rightly so.

Wind power might be out of reach for a lot of people but solar energy is much more commonplace. It’s not unusual to see solar panels on the roofs of many houses as more people embrace the suns energy. 

Indeed, there’s a long way to go. There are still a lot of people that dismiss the idea of solar energy because panels take up too much space, or they don’t look aesthetically pleasing on the rooftop, or they don’t offer enough energy to make it worthwhile, but these problems are being slowly overcome and they need to be. MPs are warning that urgent, immediate action is needed if the UK is to hit their renewable energy targets for heating and transport, which is to meet 15% of energy needs from renewable sources. Many optimists feel that if we can hit that 15% target then we’ll have created something that can be scaled; so hitting a 50% target should be much easier. Let’s hope they’re right.

Switching to solar panels and electric cars would be a big undertaking for most though. There’s a lot of planning involved and obviously an upfront cost (which might be subsidised) and naturally this means not everyone will entertain the idea. However, there are other things that can be done to both help the environment and support organisations that are making an effort to offer sustainability. 

Wood fuel is a good example of an energy source that can be sustainable long term, if it’s being sourced correctly. You don’t have to look far to find stories of rainforests and woodland being felled to make way for housing, cattle, cattle feed and other such things to support our over populated World. It’s these woodland that, when managed properly, offer such a great source of sustainable fuel with limited impact on the environment. 

The problem arises when sellers of wood fuel source their wood from unsustainable woodland. What this means is that the people felling the trees are taking more wood from the woodland than is actually being planted, which will eventually see the woodland destroyed.

Wood fuel is also frequently imported from foreign countries, which also significantly reduces the effectiveness of wood fuel as an environmentally sound product. The environmental cost of importing wood is massive. It first has to be transported to a port, then shipped across in containers and then when it’s in the UK, shipped to the distributor and then out to the customer. Then we also have the issue of species being infected by insects such as the borer beetle, threatening the UKs ash trees.

Wood sourced in this country from UK woodland is simply packed and sent straight out to the customer. Specialist UK suppliers will dry the wood using a kiln, removing much of the moisture resulting in a cleaner burn and less environmental impact. Just make sure the wood has been sourced in the UK. 

People are becoming more aware of these types of things and making much smarter, informed decisions. They’re considering the impact of the environment in their purchase decisions and for many people, if that means paying a little more for a product of service, they often will.

A truly sustainable world is most likely beyond us. The population demands a certain way of living and money talks. Our renewable energy products will hopefully help in the quest for a fully sustainable world and not just be damage limitation, but it’ll take a massive effort from everyone to make it work.

When will people really start taking notice? Probably when the Ice Caps have completely melted and it’s far too late. The question is, how can we encourage more people to take notice and make a difference now? 


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