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A new kind of energy that replenishes as you use.


Renewable Energy and the Future

Sustainable or renewable energy is energy generated from any of the Earths natural resources. For solar energy, the sun provides the natural resource which is then converted by the solar panels. The energy provided by wind turbines obviously uses the natural resource of the wind which is then turned into power. 

Other common natural resources include geothermal heat, tides and rain which can all be harvested and used to generate power.

Sustainable energy is becoming increasingly important as the World has evolved in such an unsustainable way. Everyday luxuries we take completely for granted are having a damaging, irreversible effect on the environment and quite simply, it can’t continue. You only have to think about all of the cars on the road and planes in the sky every single day to imagine the type of long term impact that’s having on the environment and that’s just two forms of transport. Read More...

Alternative Fuel Vehicles and Their Benefits

Evolution in the Car Industry

The car industry is going through an evolutionary period right now. Car manufacturers all over the globe are trying to come up with better cars that are more fuel-efficient and don’t rely on petrol and diesel for power. The reason for this is to ensure that car emissions are brought down to a manageable level. Electric cars are one of the ways through which this goal is being achieved by the car manufacturers. Visit Tesla to find out more about electric cars. The electric car industry is going through a big boom right now and many new models are being introduced each year. However, they are not the only option that is available to you when it comes to owning a green car. Alternative fuel vehicles are another eco-friendly option that you can look at. 



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